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What To Expect At The Monthly Gathering

It's that time again - our monthly gathering at the Detroit Psychedelic Society and you're invited to be a part of it. In our circle, we dive deep into the conversations realms of ethnogenic and psychedelic exploration, touching on both their healing qualities and their spiritual depth and as a personal development technology.

Picture a group of friends hanging out in a living room, sharing stories and wisdom. That's the vibe we're going for

We're here to create a space where education meets heart-to-heart connections, always with respect and mindful engagement.

Let me walk you through what our gatherings typically look like:

  • The first 20 minutes are for mingling and feeling the energy of the room.

  • A heartfelt welcome and a little insight into our journey as a society.

  • Everyone gets a moment to shine with brief personal intros.

  • We'll catch up on what's new and exciting in our society.

  • A special guest brings light to a unique topic - always a treat.

  • Group discussion where every voice matters and every perspective is honored.

  • The last 30 minutes are for more soulful conversations and connections.

Just a reminder, folks: our space is for sharing knowledge and experiences, not for any transactions of substances. We're here to grow and connect on a deeper level.

Can't wait to see your faces, hear your stories, and feel the collective wisdom we bring together. Let's make each meeting a journey of discovery and fellowship. Looking forward to our time together. Peace and blessings!

Detroit Psychedelic Society Monthly Gathering Calendar

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