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The Presentors

Who They Are


Dr. Gerry 

Bufo Alvarius Ambassador

Dr. Gerardo Sandoval Isaac is a gynecologist, published author, medicine man, and friend to the toads. He was born in Guadalajara, Mexico and is  proud of his Mexican heritage. He is the author of “Bufo Alvarius and the Entheogenic Experience”, “The God Molecule”, and “The Bufo Medicine Codex: Guidelines for the Proper Administration of 5-MEO-DMT from the Sonoran Desert Toad”.  He has traveled to over 49 countries, and has facilitated over 7 thousand sessions in a 16 year time period. He facilitated Mike Tyson’s experience and healing, has been a guest on Mike Tyson’s Hotboxin’ Podcast and was featured in Viceland’s Hamilton’s Pharamocepia Episode “The Psychedelic Toad”. 

KT The Arch Degree

Quantum Biologist/ Ethnobotanist

Born in the Virgin Islands of Christianstead, St. Croix, KT The Arch Degree involvement with health and nutrition has been inspirational from the start.

Growing up under the tutelage of Usha Herbal Research Institute, established by Dr. Sebi and mother Annette Thomas, KT witnessed AIDS, blindness, cancer and various diseases all healed through natural non-pharmaceutical remedies. 


KT picture.png

Ankhara Akeru

Psychedelic Educator 

He has 20 plus years of journeying  with indigenous and plant teachers, drawing from a wide range of knowledge and experience in world travel, natural science, ancient culture and entheogens. Ankhara is an expert at bridging the gap between the forgotten past and a brilliant future to help people find their purpose. He is the creator of Psilocypher Sessions on the Clubhouse app and founder of the Cosmic Gatekeepers, an online entheogenic mentorship program.

Lucia Pavone

Somatic Sex Educator, Womb Strega

As a certified Somatic Sex Educator and Sacred Dao Pelvic Practitioner, she is dedicated and passionate about supporting people to embody their sensuality and love their juicy bodies, so they can free themselves from shame & traumas and have a sex life worth bragging about. 

Mikaela picture.png

Mikaela De La Myco

mushWOMB Keeper: Entheogen Educator

 After studying under teachers of western tantra, traditional mexica ceremony and womb healing in the ma'at tradition, Mikaela has committed herself to education and community care.

She creates non-judgement, benefit optimized and healing space for people looking to delve into the mushWOMB consciousness in group and solo setting.

James "Myco" McConchie

Mycology educator, psychedelic/entheogen decriminalization advocate and founder of Haight St. Shroom Shop in

San Francisco, CA

 James has been creating conversations locally and internationally since 2018 around decriminalization, mushroom cultivation systems, and small business development. Known as “Myco-MacGyver” on instagram or "Myco-James" on the Clubhouse app. He is a partner and father, high school wrestling coach, and former Sr. QA engineer and Program Manager in Silicon Valley dedicated to the advancement of the mycelial consciousness. 

Tellis2 picture.png

Chief Nighthawk

Medicine Man/ Master of Ceremony

Tellis Dee is an entheogenenist. He utilized sacred plant medicines such as rapé, psilocybin and other

psychedelic plants for divine healing and enlightment, and ritualistic purposes.

Humanity is at the precipice of a great shift and awakening. It is his mission and aim to help humanity begin the process of healing and awareness. Tellis is committed to being an integral part of this transition by using pyschedelics

and his natural talents to assist those who are seeking to expand just as he had the privilage to do.


Aurora DiVine

Founder of The Akashic Garden

Born on the Cusp of Exposure,  Aurora is a Hoodoo,  Isese Aborisha , Content Curator & Founder of The Akashic Garden. Through TAG she strives to demystify entheogens by restoring and elevating  the voices of BIPOC communities during the psychedelic renaissance. Aurora is also a Full Spectrum Doula & Entheogenic Facilitator who believes reconnecting with psychedelics in an ancestral way is they key to creating healing for BIPOC communities.

Brother Duli


Abdul "Duli" Wilkins aka The Beantown Shaman is a visual artist, certified Massage Therapist, Reiki Master, Yoga Teacher and Inuitive Healer from Boston Ma. He grew up in the inner city of Roxbury and was influenced by his father and mother from a very young age to value the study of metaphysics, mysticism, occult information and spirituality. In college at Northeastern University Duli was introduced to psilocybin mushrooms which had a very life changing affect on him and ever since has been exploring the benefits of "Teaching Plants and Fungi".  Through personal experience he advocates the use of entheogens in a sacred manner. Duli strongly believes that "Urban Shamanism" can help heal trauma based issues, bring people together from various backgrounds/races and bring a new found awareness of self and connection to the earth and Great Spirit!

During his last trip to Mexico Duli has been working more along the lines of what he labels as Psychic Surgery. Where he uses the life force energy and aid of sacred healing plants and fungi to channel healing energy to remove illness and disease from individuals.


Julie Barron,  MA

Psychedelic Therapist and Community Organizer

Julie is a pioneer of the Michigan psychedelic community and an activist for decriminalization throughout the whole US. Julie has devoted her practice at Blue Sage Health Consulting to helping clients find healing and relief as they incorporate these alternative practices into wellness. At the beginning of 2021, Julie helped create Decriminalize Nature Michigan, a coalition of city groups and a statewide group working towards decriminalizing. 
Julie also created and runs a professional psychedelic therapy training program in the SE Michigan area.



Blockchain Consultants

Rootz created a powerful and knowledgeable space for his mentees to discuss cryptocurrency and alpha blockchain technology. Due to his untimely passing in July 2021, the group has continued in his honor, anchored by Dante and Crypto Naga. Both crypto experts in their own right, Dante and Crypto Naga provide credible research and expertise to guide their mentees successfully into this new paradigm of digital currency and blockchain technology. 

Through the work of master teacher Baba Kilindi Iyi, Eth-Hustlers have learned to build material and spiritual wealth through blockchain technology and mushroom technology. 

Copy of Copy of Mama Ayana and Baba picture.png

Acacea Sherman-Lewis

Divine Master Alchemy

Acacea Lewis is the Founder of Divine Master Alchemy LLC, and Divine Master University, school for Entheogenic Cultural Literacy and Applied Naturopathic Medicine Research. She is currently focused writing several textbooks including the Divine Master Alchemy Research Guide as well as assisting in the effort to study and preserve indigenous varieties of the psilocybin zapotecorum mushroom in the town of San Jose Del Pacifico, where her school physically is being built. Acacea is a student of Baba Kilindi Iyi, and teachers from other systems, as well as an independent researcher and lifetime student of the psilocybin mushroom. She shares her first hand experiences and provides undergraduate level research papers, books and some medical research to help bridge and integrate the fields of medical science, spiritual systems and cultural anthropology.


Nyanga Luka

Conflict Alchemist

Nyanga Uuka is a peacemaker, community health worker, grass roots organizer, traveler and a new father living in unceded Multnomah territory(Portland, Or). Nyanga has been utilizing psilocybin and LSD for self care since 2003.He and his good friend from Tanzania began a Mushroom ministry, House of JAH’SIRI,  who’s mission is to create brave spaces for ppl of the diaspora to restore ancestral roots by utilizing mushroom technology and committing to the triune of self discipline/self study/self love.

Mama Ayana-8.png

Larry Norris

PhD, Cofounder and Executive Director Entheogenic Research, Integration, and Education (ERIE) and Cofounder and Board Member of Decriminalize Nature

Larry Norris, PhD, studied biopsychology and cognitive science as an undergraduate at the University of Michigan, and defended his doctoral dissertation at the California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS). His dissertation research reviewed archived ayahuasca experience reports to identify transformational archetypes and insights that could help inform developing models of integration (meaning-making). Larry is the co-founder and executive director of Entheogenic Research, Integration, and Education (ERIE), located in Oakland, CA. ERIE is dedicated to the development of community education, research, and integration models related to entheogens and is currently offering workshops to cities across the US who are working to decriminalize entheogenic plants and fungi. Larry is also a co-founder and board member of Decriminalize Nature (DN), which sprouted from Oakland in 2019. He advocates for the unalienable right to develop one’s own relationship with Nature and aims to support efforts to decriminalize entheogenic plants and fungi (e.g., ayahuasca, iboga, cacti, mushrooms).

Mama Ayana-8.png
Mrs. Vicius

Mrs. Vicius

Psychedelic Integration Coach

 After suffering from treatment resistant depression upon the birth of her 1st child in 2017, she left behind traditional pharmaceuticals in favor of plant medicines. Mrs.Vicius has used her social media platform to showcase how to use plant medicines for ptsd, anxiety and depression within a family setting for the last 5 years.

After fine tuning her cultivation skills from Detroits very own psychedelic Father, Baba Kilindi Iyi Mrs.Vicius founded Decriminalize Nature Hazel Park in 2020 and is an active member of Decriminalize Nature Michigan. The city of Hazel Park decriminalized entheogenic plants and fungi officially on 3/22/22 with the help of her leadership. 

Mrs.Vicius took home 1st place in the 1st ever Michigan Psilocybin Cup in the microdose category in September 2021 at the 1st ever Entheofest event located in Ann Arbor, MI.


Kufikiri Imara


A former member of the Decriminalize Nature Oakland grassroots collective, after his efforts to help see the landmark resolution passed, he went on to head the DNO committee on Outreach, Education, Access, & Integration. He was part of the team of instructors for the first of its kind above ground training, with the former OLP, in Jamaica, on psychedelic assisted therapy that included engagement. Among the many platforms that he has lent his voice to include but are not limited to the Horizons Media documentary film Covid-19, Black Lives, & Psychedelics; various Chacruna symposiums and conferences; guest lecturer at the University of California at Berkeley; various Oakland Hyphae events; as well as various articles, conferences, and podcasts. He was the inaugural facilitator for the BIPOC Entheogen Integration Circle in partnership with the San Francisco Psychedelic Society. He is also one of the co-organizers for the project A Table of Our Own. 

Kufikiri Imara

Sonic ALchemy

Nicki Monty

Reiki Master Teacher and Sonic ALchmist Nicki Monty who is also lovingly known as Running Deer and Opeyemi Omiseun has been involved in various healing modalities and practices for over a decade. Being a Music Producer and Dj has assisted in identifying the benefits of sound when applying certain frequencies, and with specific intent.


Empress Via Nei

Chef, Entrepreneur, Intuitive and Curator

An advocate for sacred medicine, Empress Xia Nei is an ethereal being who has been bringing her spirit through cooking since she was a five year old with her Grandmother. Her Mother and Father helped her bridge a deeper relationship very early on with concepts like cooking with love, the importance of soul to all things food because of the magic that flows through it...

Xia Nei is an intuitive chef, focused on building a deeper connection with where… what is put into our bodies takes us, where… the food comes from, and the beautiful stories that come along with the journey of our plate. 


Xia Nei has been doing womb, spiritual, and psychedelic work for about ten years working with mushrooms, ergot, lsd, sassafras, aya, chaga, and many others. These medicines have allowed her to work with her food and cooking, her ancestors, past lives, as well as past lives currently in this realm, womb work, blood work, weight loss, visioning, perfecting her own magic, and connecting to source. Through psychedelics she has overcome thought patterns that have never served her and allowed herself to see the goddess and god in everything. 


Baba Moudou Baqui

Baba Moudou

Moudou Baqui  aka J. Petty is a lifelong citizen of Highland Park a small city located in the heart of Detroit. He has been a student in the origins of human consciousness since an early age. He is a third generation metaphysican. His introduction to the esoteric came  from his father, a  respected spiritual teacher, a tradition began by his grandfather, who began his studies in the early 1900's.  At his father's urging, he continued his studies of ancient knowledge and to go beyond the “spiritual industrialist hustle” without the formality of known institutions but to seek the root.. Under the tutelage of “Ahati”(Grandmaster) Kilyndi Iyi he studied African combative martial arts and culture for over 20 years, in this pursuit he was exposed to the knowledge and application, cultivation and cultural history of entheogenic plants. He has further continued his studies of ancient human history, metacognition and entheogens via travel on several continents. He has been a return speaker at Breaking convention and several other platforms throughout the U.K. , Germany, Turkey, Africa and the Americas. His current focus is utilizing the Psychedelic experience as a therapeutic tool for addiction and depression and educating the public on the major benefits of these substances

Sincere Seven

Transdimensional Travel Agent & Spiritual Tour Guide. Medicine Man

Sincere Seven is the Head of The Psychonaut Academy of Detroit. Also known as “The Detroit Medicine Man”, I am your Transdimensional Travel Agent & Spiritual Tour Guide. I am an 18 year Horticulturist, specializing in T.L.O. grown styles as well as teaching cannabis growing to students for the last 10 years.A 12 year mycologist, Entheogenic Couincoler, Gate-Keeper & Trip-sitter (there is a difference) and Head Mycology Teacher at The Psychonaut Academy of Detroit. Over years assisting numerous people in their spiritual, mental and even physical growth & development, healing from traumas, PTSD, and even addictions and alcoholism. Offering people within the society with information gathered in A.S.C. an “Channeled” through personally or publicly through LIVE videos on social media to assist with their relationships, unknown and underlying issues, upcoming issues and losses, upcoming blessings and advice from a “Shamanistic Realm”.


Mama Ayana-7.png

Kether Morgan

Intimate Alchemist 

Spiritually led and supported academically, she has over 18 years as an Intimacy Alchemist  with specializations in Touchless Orgasm, Somatic, Poly-Vagal informed, Reiki Mastery, Martial Arts, trauma informed, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Ayurveda, Ordained Ministry, Tantra and Sacred Medicine Integration knowledge.  This Intimate Alchemist was birthed out of Nikki's love of the most advanced technology, the human body and the birthright of Orgasm that began in her teen years. Her work offers society practical and advanced uses of orgasmic energy and it’s parallels to psychedelic medicines and decolonization of emotions. This comes at a pinnacle time in history where the colonized behaviors of our old paradigm give way to our collective primordial truth.


The Entheogenic Yogi

Suniray is an RYT 200 Certified Yoga Instructor and Kemetic Reiki (Ra Sekhi) Practitioner & Divine Alchemist. Suniray instructs various classes online and in the studios of Georgia including: Kundalini Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Womb Yoga, Meditation, and Hatha Yoga. She specializes in Entheogenic Yoga sessions online and retreats overseas, guiding new and seasoned yogis in exploration of the power of the mind and the full potential of the human body to create mystikal sacred union experiences. Entheogenic Yoga bridges the gap between spirituality and nature and eliminates the illusion of separation. Reconnecting us to “oneness” and the origins of the yoga technology with yogic insight from all cultures.

Mama Ayana-9.png

Darren LaBarron

Mycologists and Psychedelic Researcher

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